Welcome to the Rapid Earthquake Viewer!

The Rapid Earthquake Viewer (REV) gives you access to data from seismograph stations around the world. REV monitors the earth and posts information about recent earthquakes so you can see where they happened and view the seismograms from global seismograph stations for every notable earthquake. REV even lets you check up on seismograph stations in your area, so if you think you felt the ground shake, check REV!

Viewing Earthquakes

Earthquake View

The "Earthquake View" lets you view seismograms for different seismograph stations by selecting the earthquake from a list or a map. In a hurry? You can go directly to the 5 most recent earthquakes using the list on the left!

Viewing Seismograph Stations

Station View

The Seismograph "Station View" lets you view the last 24-hours of ground motion from seismograph stations all over the globe. You can select a station from the map or give your zip code in the US to access the closest seismograph to you.

Educational Links of Interest

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Our glossary defines the seismology-related terms used in REV. Click on links in boldface to go directly to the definition for that word.
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